What Are Some Symbols of Hope in Nature?

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Nature is a cornucopia of symbolism, including animals, plants, weather, and a lot more.  Mixed in are all types of symbols of hope.  In the age of COVID and so many other of life’s difficulties, hope can be hard to find. Nature offers many symbols to help us. 

Hope Is … 

Hope is a feeling you have.  It is a wish that something will happen as well as the belief that it can and will happen.  Hope might turn out to be a fantasy.  But, hope is about possibility.  

Hope is a child wishing for a puppy.  Hope is their mom and dad wishing nothing bad will happen to that same child.  Hope is that puppy waiting for its best friend to come home.   

Nature is full of symbols of hope.  Let us take a journey and find out about them.  

Photo by Jordan Wozniak

Dawn and Sunrises 

Dawn is the start of a new day.  The sun rises and the whole day is still out there.  It is full of promise and hope.  You have survived another day and anything is possible.  


Rainbows are beautiful scientific wonders.  They also symbolize hope, especially when they come after a long rainstorm.  The storm has passed and the rainbow symbolizes the sun shining and the hope of a gentle and pleasant day.  

Rainbows often are seen in the distance, thus the saying “over the rainbow” to mean the promise, the hope,  of something good in the future.  You might even find some gold, but watch out for those evil leprechauns.  


Doves are a very popular symbol of hope.  The Bible tells us that Noah sent a dove to determine if the Flood was finally complete after forty days and forty nights. A dove eventually brought back an olive branch, showing the weary passengers that dry land was near.  There was hope!

Doves symbolize purity, gentleness, and peace. They are Christian symbols, symbolizing the baptism of Jesus.  Doves symbolize rebirth and hope for a new beginning.  A very hopeful bird.

Cardinals and robins are also popular symbols of hope.  Both birds symbolize the beginning of spring, which is a chance for a new beginning. New beginnings provide promises of new chances and opportunities.  Maybe, this year your baseball team will go all the way!  

cardinal on wood main

Swallows also symbolize hope.  The migration of swallows leads them to be associated with spring, rebirth, and resurrection.  Swallows represent Christ’s resurrection, which believers understand as promising a new beginning.  Swallows are a popular Christian symbol of hope.  

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Other Animals that Symbolize Hope

Butterflies are symbols of rebirth.  A caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly that flies away.   Butterflies are Free is even the name of a movie.  Butterflies are very hopeful animals.

Photo by Gary Bendig

Deers grow and shed their antlers each year.  Deer antlers in some Native American cultures symbolize hope and renewal.  Dawns, young deers, can also symbolize hope.  Like all children, dawns symbolize future potential and hopes and dreams.  So much pressure!


Seedlings are young plants just starting out.  They can grow almost anywhere, including out of concrete in an urban jungle.  We do not know what will happen to them, but they symbolize hope and opportunity.  What might be, what is possible.  

Olive trees symbolize hope.  The dove symbolically brought an olive branch to Noah. An olive branch can symbolize peace.  Olive trees symbolize plenty and richness.  Olive trees symbolize a range of things that can be associated with hope and promises of good times. 

In 1909, Mayor Ozaki of Tokyo, Japan gave a gift of 2,000 cherry blossom trees to Washington D.C. as a token of friendship between Japan and the United States.  A special tree in Japanese culture, cherry blossoms symbolize among other things spring and rebirth.  A tree of hope.  

Ginkgo trees also have special meaning to the Japanese.  A few ginkho trees were the only survivors in the blast area of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.  Ginkgo trees are symbols of survival, resilience, and hope.  

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Shamrocks symbolize many things, including Ireland, friendship, and the color green.  “Shamrock” means “little clover” and each clover also has a meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck.  Shamrocks can symbolize hope, especially since they are already rather magical.  

Chrysanthemums come in different colors,and each have special meanings, which often depends on who you ask.  Chrysanthemums can represent both death and happiness. In the United States, red chrysanthemums represent hope, love, rest, and good friendship.  

Dandelions, that noble weed, symbolize children, spring weather, wishes and hope, and happiness.  Many beliefs have arisen about the meaning of the spreading of dandelion seeds, including that they carry our thoughts and dreams.  

The daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.  Daffodils became associated with new beginnings (and the coming of spring) because it is one of the first flowers to bloom after the winter frost.  Daffodils are good symbols of hope.  

Shooting Stars 

Meteors, also known as shooting stars, are pieces of dust and debris from space that burn up in Earth’s atmosphere, where they can create bright streaks across the night sky. 

A popular thing to do when you see a shooting star is to make a wish.  Shooting stars are therefore symbols of luck, wishes, and hope.  


Hope springs eternal.  Good thing then that something as wide and endless as nature is full with symbols of hope from the very dawn of the day to the shooting stars visible in the night’s sky.  

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