The Blue Hummingbird: A Symbol of Peace and Harmony in Nature

blue hummingbird perched on a flowering plant main

Hummingbirds are tiny speed demons that symbolize many things. Blue hummingbirds have their own special meanings, including good fortune and new beginnings.  They serve as dream messengers. Blue hummingbirds are favorite options for product logos, tattoos, and personalizing things to fit your personality, including notecards and embroidery.  

Basic Facts 

Hummingbirds get their name from the humming noise that occurs when they flap their wings very fast.  So, no, it is not because hummingbirds cannot remember the words.  

Hummingbirds also have a variety of calls, which is one way we can separate over three hundred different species.  Sometimes, they let out a whistle. Some also sing.  

Hummingbirds are very small, from two to eight inches long.  Hummingbirds have no sense of smell but have very good eyesight.

Hummingbirds have a special ability to fly not only forward but also straight up and down, sideways, and backward and to hover in front of flowers as they obtain nectar and insects from them.  Hummingbirds have a long slender bill to feed off the nectar.  

Hummingbirds only live in the New World.  They are migratory birds.  

They come in various colors. Blue-throated hummingbirds are among the largest of hummingbirds.   Blue-chested hummingbirds are found in Central and Latin America.   

What Do Hummingbirds Symbolize? 

We have discussed hummingbirds before.  We learned that:

Hummingbirds can also symbolize agility, courage, diligence, and hard work, being full of energy and good health, and beauty. They also have religious significance, including to Native Americans such as the Aztecs. 

They are little speed demons that are chock filled with meaning.  

What Does Blue Symbolize?  

The color blue represents many things, both positive and negative.  If you are feeling “blue,” it means you are sad.  The word even sounds a bit sad.  “I’m feeling bluuueee.”  

Blue also means good things.  A blue sky means it is a clear day.  It is not only a fresh beginning but means things are safe and secure.  A good time to start a journey.    

Blue represents the sky itself.  It represents freedom and nature.  

Blue is full of color and life.  Blue also is the common “boy” color, the symbol of masculinity.  

What Do Blue Hummingbirds Symbolism? 

The combination of two things results in a complexity of symbolism.  We learned about cats but also learned that orange cats had special qualities.  

Hummingbirds come in different shades. They are very colorful birds.  Each color has somewhat different meanings, including blue ones.  We already got a taste of each half of the equation.

Bluebirds of all types, including blue hummingbirds, are familiar symbols of happiness.  

They are signs of hope and joy.  The spring is here once more.  A baby boy might have been born.  It is a time of celebration and good tidings.  

Blue hummingbirds are signs of good luck and fortune in many cultures, including Africa and the Far East.  There are even traditions that their “droppings” from the sky are a good sign.  Well, also a sign that it is time to clean your clothes.  Even good luck is often not totally good, right? 

If one shows up in your dreams, it is likely a sign.  They are messages of good tidings, hope, and a hint that you will have a new adventure.  Maybe, a trip to Latin America?  

Blue hummingbirds also often have spiritual and religious meanings that arise from all of this symbolism.  Be it a sign from God, nature, or the spirit world, these birds are omens with deep meaning.  They are messengers with a lesson that we should deeply respect.  

What Attracts A Blue Hummingbird?

Let’s say you are a fan of blue hummingbirds. What should you do to attract them to your garden?  Where should you look for them?

Hummingbirds prefer nectar, the sugar-rich liquid made by many plants. The little speed demons appear to be like red plants the best, but there are other shades (including blue) that they have been found to like.  But, nectar is what they really are after.

If your area is the habitat of blue hummingbirds, the best way to attract them is with nectar.  

Blue Hummingbird Products 

Blue hummingbird-related products are popular.  

There are blue hummingbird necklaces, note cards, vases with beautifully painted hummingbirds, and hummingbird tattoos.  The birds are beautiful and full of meaning.

“Blue hummingbird” also has been adopted for product names and logos. Blue Hummingbird Coffee might be inspired by its habitat and symbolism.  Its homepage assures us: 

We serve single origin, micro lot & specialty coffee ethically sourced from around the world, and often traded directly with farmers. Our unique and flavorful beans provide a selection of premium roasts. All coffee is available for US delivery or pickup at one of our Southern California locations.

The Blue Hummingbird microphone hopefully does not involve too much “humming” while being used.  The name a suitable for sound technology though “Blue” is here a company name

Perfect Little Jewels 

One researcher called the hummingbird “a perfect jewel.”  They speed along with their small but with distinctively large bills, and colorful bursts of energy.  

Blue hummingbirds provide their own special blessings.  It is not surprising that many prefer them to all the rest.  And, no, the “Twitter bird” is not a blue hummingbird.  It’s a robin.