Feline Magic: The Symbolism of Black Cats With Green Eyes

photo of black cat with green eyes

Black cats have a bad reputation, including as the familiars of witches (the bad kind!), but from the time of Ancient Egypt, many have been impressed. They are more healthy than other cats. Many people including Chinese, Japanese, and sailors think them very lucky. They are symbols of the Black Panthers. Black cats with green eyes have their own special vibrancy and spiritual qualities. They are hard to photograph, so be careful!

Our cat when I was growing up was named “Blacky,” a grumpy former stray that was appropriately named. My sister later had a black cat named “Michelle Judy” (aka MJ), who also liked her solitude. I am not totally sure, but both probably had green eyes.  

Black cats have a bad reputation though some people, including sailors, think they are lucky  Just ask my sister. Black cats with green eyes have their own special meanings.  

Some Facts About Black Cats 

We learned all about orange cats and cat symbolism overall.  

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day. National Black Cat Day occurs on October 27th.  There are various reasons why black cats are worthy of two days.

For instance, their color is both good camouflage when they are hunting and associated with genes resistant to disease. Scientists think they can provide clues to addressing multiple human diseases. Cats and humans experience similar diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Black cats’ healthy nature helps explain why there are so many, including at the shelter. Many people are quite willing to adopt black cats though sadly some prejudice still arises.  

There are over twenty breeds of black-haired cats to choose from with the Bombay breed (black shorthair) perhaps the most familiar. Bombay cats can have copper, gold, or green eyes.  

Black cats are well worthy of having their picture taken but it takes a bit of finesse. Experts suggest to use light backgrounds and less “busy” backgrounds. Here are some more tips.  

How About Those Green Eyes? 

Cats obtain their coloring the same way humans do: a pigment known as melanin.  

Cats have a range of eye colors and (unlike humans) green eyes are common. Cats are born with blue eyes because of the lack of melanin in their irises. Cats take six weeks to six months to develop their permanent eye color. This can include a range of green colors.

Eye color is not associated with fur. Black or not, cats can have a variety of eye colors.  

(Mostly) Unlucky Black Cats

Black cats have a bad reputation, especially around Halloween, when they are especially associated with witches. Black has long been associated with darkness, evil, and death, especially among white people.  If you are African, much less likely to think black is unlucky! 

Ancient Egyptians loved their cats partially since they protected grain from vermin. Bast was commonly portrayed as a goddess with the head of a black cat. Chinese and Japanese cultures also believe black cats are lucky. A black cat is believed to keep evil away.

Europeans also are not always fearful of black cats. The French believe a magical black cat known as “matagot” could be both good or evil. English sailors believe black cats are good luck.  “Tiddles” was one well-traveled black cat, over 30,000 miles with the Royal Navy!

Black cats have a mixed reputation but many appreciate them. They can make great companions and their healthy nature provides good vibes. Black cats also are quite common and can symbolize abundance and productivity. And, if you are a little witchy yourself, a nice touch.

Black panthers are powerful and graceful animals that were adopted by a black power group in the United States.  They are symbols of Africa and often favorite sports team icons.  

Black Cats With Green Eyes 

Green is a lively color. Since it is so rare in humans, it is even more unsurprising that black cats with green eyes impress so many people. The contrast of colors stands out.  

Black cats with green eyes are especially magical in the dark with the green eyes seeming to shine alone like some godlike creature. Cats approve of this (to them obvious) comparison.  

Black cats with green eyes are often considered particularly lucky. Their eyes are the color of precious emeralds. Why would they not bring richness and prosperity?  

They also are often believed to be very spiritual. Black cats with green eyes bring a special magic and might have a connection to the spiritual world. Just ask Sabrina, the Teenage Witch!

Black cats with green eyes are often considered the opposite of bad luck. They are good to have around for protection. They are loyal companions and if they give you the “side eye,” well, maybe you earned it! Cats are good judges of character.