Blue Yeti Symbolism: It Need Not Be Blue & Is Not Really Scary

Blue yeti monster and microphone main

Blue Yeti is a type of USB microphone. Blue (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics) microphones gained prestige both as being stylistic and reasonably priced quality microphones.  Their products often had snow-related names. The Blue Yeti is a standalone microphone favored by podcasters, gamers, Youtube producers, and use in Zoom calls. The Blue Yeti symbol represents broadcasts, style, technology, fun, and do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. 

Not About THOSE Yetis

There is a legend of a really horrible (they say it is abominable) snow beast that lives in Asia and maybe parts of the U.S. and Canada.  It looks something like a snow-covered bear and is sometimes known by the name “yeti.”  We talked about it and snow symbolism here.  

We are not talking about THAT kind of yeti.  So, if you want to learn about blue-colored monsters or yetis who are sad and have the blues, this is not the place.  Sorry!  

So How Did THIS Blue Yeti Get Its Name?!

Skipper Wise (a jazz musician) and Martins Saulespurens (a sound engineer) started Blue Microphones in 1995.  The company’s name was in honor of Saulespurens’ original home.  Blue is an acronym for “Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics.”  Yes, he was born in Latvia

The company began as a repair shop but then began developing its own microphones, including USB varieties.  A USB microphone is a standalone microphone (no headset) that sits on a desk and has to be plugged into using a USB connection.  

Blue USB microphones became known for their snow-related themes. First, we had the round-shaped “Blue Snowball” microphone.  Another product was named “Icicle.”  Then, a new model was developed that was “vaguely human.”  The Blue Yeti was born.  

Why People Love Blue Yetis 

Wirecutter raves that “The Yeti by Blue is the best microphone for your computer that won’t break the bank.”  Why?  It looks cool (Blue is known for its sense of style), is reasonably priced, and has great sound quality.  Blue Yeti is also praised for its diversity:

It’s not often that you’ll see people using the same microphone for Zoom calls, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and then recording in their home studio. 

Or, as the Amazon listing tells us:

“Blue Yeti USB Microphone for PC, Mac, Gaming, Recording, Streaming, Podcasting, Studio, and Computer Condenser Mic with Blue VO!CE effects, 4 Pickup Patterns, Plug and Play.”

There might be better microphones, but it is a good reasonably priced quality product that is ideal for professional and amateur content production.  People praise how simple it is to use and suggest it is so good that updating it to the new Blue Yeti X might not even be necessary.  


Podcasts are very popular these days.  You can find a podcast about most topics, including sports, news, movies, history, and almost any issue you can think about.  

A “podcast” got its name from iPod, the portable media player.  Portable media players allowed people to do weblogs better.  They could produce their own broadcasts. Podcasts. Get it? 

A Blue Yeti is a popular symbol of podcasts since it is such a great way to record them.  

Other Symbolism 

The Blue Yeti symbol brings to mind a range of things. 

If you see a Blue Yeti symbol, the content provider has a sense of style.  

They know a thing or two about making quality material.  You will be able to clearly hear and enjoy their sound.  The choice of a quality sound probably means the content is good too.

The Blue Yeti is about technology. It is about the Internet and online content.  We are talking about the 21st Century here.  Cell phones?  We are talking face-to-face Zoom calls, people.  

It is about fun and games.  This non-scary Yeti is about music and cat videos.  Work and play.  

Final Thoughts 

I listen to podcasts and have seen the Blue Yeti symbol.  I did not know the name or backstory.  
This is often the case. We see many symbols that bring to mind a range of images without knowing much about them.  This is why Symbolism Explained exists.  Enjoy.

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