About Us

I LOVE words! Seriously — the way they’re spelled, their etymology (where they’re derived from) and ESPECIALLY the new meanings that humans give to words and objects.

Hi, I’m Joan. I started this site as a passion project. It gives me an excuse to research and share the symbolism behind objects in our world. I’m no longer “wasting time” delving into the symbolism behind spiders or toes — now I’m “doing research” for my website:-)

You can explore the site to find the various symbolic meanings of animals, body parts, geographic features, etc. Some symbolism comes from culture, other times superstition or literature and also from dream analysis.

Reading about an object can also help you come up with creative gifts for friends and family. For example, the humble snow globe is commonly shared as a Christmas gift. But did you know that snow symbolizes death and darkness? So a snow globe (one without Santa) might be appropriate for someone who recently had a loss. It reflects their loss but can — at the same time — calm a hurting heart because here is something meditative about snow globes.

So if you’re best friend just lost her cat a snow globe with a feline inside could be just what the doctor ordered!

Warmest wishes,